How to Style a Hair Scarf

How to Style a Hair Scarf

by Brittany Hew
Hey Girl!   
Today I wanted to show you how to style our Handmade Hair Scarves in a different way that we normally show in photos.  The video below uses two hair scarves and loops them into each other to create a headband look that you tie in the back to give you a different look.  
This look is great for everyday and just adding detail to your look without really putting in too much effort.
A little back story to our hair scarves.  I have pretty fine stick straight hair.  Growing up I would try to wear the headbands and all of the hair accessories like everyone else, but would always have bumps in the back of my head or i would have to take them off in the middle of the day sometimes even an hour into the day because of a headache or it would just slide out of my hair. 
Fast forward to now when hair scarves are a HUGE thing.  Ive tried soo many hair scarves they all do the same thing in my hair with the weird bumps… I decided one day I am going to create a hair scarf that I can style in my fine, straight hair, that is easy to work with, does not give weird bumps, and essentially just adds volume to your hair to make it look fuller. 
I created a design that does just that.  Our hair scarves are not a traditional shape for hair scarves they have a triangle shape that uses less fabric, gives more stretch and overall makes it 100x easier to tie onto your head or even to style in your hair.  Our hair scarves work in all hair types, yes even curly.  Our hair scarves are the perfect Hair Accessory for all year and are literally the cutest ever!  
I am doing a giveaway for the month of August for a free hair scarf!  To enter you must follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and come back here to leave a comment of what's your favorite thing about Fall!  

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